"EMD Smart Note" Solution
Unleash EMR Knowledge for Improved Outcomes and Lower Costs
Meaningful access to the clinical information stored electronically in the EMR is vital for delivering efficient and cost effective patient care. All too often, valuable information is entered and ends up as narrative text, limiting its usefulness for clinical decisions. Enhanced Medical Decision’s Smart Note solves this problem.
EMD Smart Note!
Enhanced Medical Decisions (EMD) provides innovative tools to maximize the information trapped in narrative documentation. Combining the power of Smart Note, EMD’s contextual natural language processing engine, and our clinical decision support tool kit, EMD provides unparalleled insight into the clinical knowledge locked in the EMR and other sources of medical knowledge. The toolset includes problem list management, diagnosis decision support, adverse drug reaction diagnosis, and other quality and safety capabilities driven by contextual natural language processing.
Smart Note Features
  • Automate problem list management
  • Drive active differential diagnosis generation and diagnosis decision support
  • Uncover overlooked adverse drug effects
  • Improve medication reconciliation
  • Enhance drug allergy documentation
  • Support quality and safety initiatives and reporting
  • Automate and target clinical content distribution
  • Comply with Meaningful Use requirements
  • Automatically codify clinical data (e.g. ICD9CM, ICD10CM, SNOMED)
  • Provide mapping cross-walks between coding systems
  • Facilitate knowledgebase curation
  • Mine large data sources and data warehouses