"EMD Smart Meds" Solution
What is Smart Meds?
Smart Meds, EMD’s side effect decision support tool is designed to add adverse drug effects to the differential list and stimulate thinking about medication effects when there is diagnostic doubt or question. Clinicians worldwide use Smart Meds to improve diagnostic accuracy of adverse drug effects and find the correct diagnosis earlier.
Provide Access to the Best Technology Available
EMD’s side effect checker, Smart Meds is easy to use and is based on the same system that doctors and nurses around the world rely on to help uncover drug side effects. Using the latest natural language search technologies, the EMD Smart Meds system can take a pattern of multiple drugs and symptoms and instantly compute most likely drug side effects from a vast professional side effect database. EMD is acknowledged as the clear leader in drug side effect tools.
Why use Smart Meds
By complementing the clinician’s knowledge and expertise, Smart Meds, along with access to evidence-based content, can rapidly assist in determining or confirming a diagnosis of a drug side effect and help answer the question “Could a drug be the cause?”. Using Smart Meds to minimize delayed or missed diagnosis can have a tremendous impact on treatment and downstream quality, safety, clinical and financial outcomes.
Using Smart Meds
Smart Meds is used as part of normal physician workflow. Data for patient medications, side effect risk factors, and clinical features are entered directly or received from the EMR, and a list of potential adverse drug effects are added to the differential diagnosis. Each potential adverse drug effect is linked to clinical content including professional sources of drug information, journal articles, abstracts, and other resources that describe the side effect likelihood and risk factors. Smart Meds can be customized to incorporate an institution’s web resources, guidelines and protocols. Smart Meds seamlessly consolidates disparate information sources and delivers pertinent information as part of the clinician’s workflow.
Improved Performance
When the correct diagnosis is determined the first time, treatments are most effective, referrals are more appropriate or not necessary, ordered tests are more relevant, and waste (unnecessary resource utilization and costs) is eliminated from the system. As healthcare moves to managing the care of populations through Accountable Care Organizations, speed to correct diagnosis and treatment is a fundamental driver for financial and clinical performance.
Streamlining Workflow through EMR Integration
Smart Meds utilizes the EMD natural language processing engine, Smart Note, to contextually extract pertinent clinical features (symptoms, labs, vitals, etc.), from EMR notes and automatically deliver them to the Smart Meds tool. Utilizing the patient’s list of drugs and clinical features, Smart Meds produces a list of drug side effect possibilities for consideration. Smart Meds presents both existing diagnoses from the EMR alongside the possible adverse drug effects, affording more complete hypotheses. Each adverse drug effect is linked to reference content from the professional drug literature to assist in decision making regarding testing and treatment.
Smart Meds integrates with most EMR systems and can be used seamlessly as part of normal workflow. Smart Meds can use various integration methods (query string, HL-7, XML, API). When integrated, the patient information flows to Smart Meds automatically and drive the production of the side effect diagnosis list. Closing the loop, selected adverse medication effects can be sent back to the patient record.
Accessible on Mobile Devices
Smart Meds access is available via network computers and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android-based smart phones..
Affordable and Fast Implementation
Implementation is swiftly done in a few weeks and minimally impacts IT resources.
EMD Smart Meds
“Missed side effects and delayed diagnosis can result in unnecessary testing and prolonged hospital stays, both of which can adversely affect patient care. Smart Meds is a powerful tool in helping to avoid these pitfalls while having the added benefit of helping to educate our physicians by broadening their differential diagnostic considerations.”
Smart Meds Features
  • Automate problem list management
  • Drive active differential diagnosis generation and diagnosis decision support
  • Uncover overlooked adverse drug effects
  • Improve medication reconciliation
  • Enhance drug allergy documentation
  • Support quality and safety initiatives and reporting
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