About Enhanced Medical Decisions, Inc.
Enhanced Medical Decisions, Inc. (EMD) provides hospitals with analytic and data management services to empower clinical decisions and to comply with documentation and reporting mandates. EMD’s offerings include problem list maintenance through the EMD Smart Problem List solution; Smart Meds, a medication reconciliation and safety management suite; Smart Diagnosis, an engine that powers diagnostic CDS; and Smart Data, our population health reporting solution. With the EMD suite, clinicians are instantly able to reconcile problem and medication lists, view a differential diagnosis including adverse medication events, and track gaps in care or documentation for their patient population. EMD’s core technology, Smart Note, is an advanced context-sensitive natural language processing engine that was built over more than a decade to cover a broad range of medical information; it achieves a high level of accuracy to insure that clinical messaging is relevant. EMD’s solutions are used by hospitals, clinical decision support partners, publishers of healthcare information, and medical coding companies. Founded by Dr. Marlene Beggelman, EMD was incorporated in 1999 and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. EMD’s solutions are currently used by leading providers of healthcare services and medical information in the U.S and abroad.
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