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Enhanced Medical Decisions and Isabel Healthcare Partners to Provide Next Generation "Always On" Diagnosis Decision Support.
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Enhanced Medical Decisions, Inc.
The Enhanced Medical Decisions (EMD) Smart NLP suite elevates the retrieval and distribution of Electronic Medical Record data to a new level, translating unstructured free-text into information that is highly relevant, accurate, and actionable. EMD's disruptive, innovative solutions, combine decision support tools with Smart Natural Language Processing to solve everyday problems in an efficient way. Traditional methods for accessing medical information can be time-consuming, error-prone, and detrimental to care management if critical information is not identified in a timely manner. With EMD's Smart NLP suite, a click of a button transmits medical record notes over the Cloud for Clinical Decision Support processing; physicians are instantly able to: automate problem list management, reconcile medications, drive active differential diagnosis, and support quality and safety reporting.
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Smart NLP Suite Features
  • Automate problem list management
  • Drive active differential diagnosis generation and diagnosis decision support
  • Uncover overlooked adverse drug effects
  • Improve medication reconciliation
  • Enhance drug allergy documentation
  • Support quality and safety initiatives and reporting
  • Automate and target clinical content distribution
  • Comply with Meaningful Use requirements
  • Automatically codify clinical data (e.g. ICD9CM, ICD10CM, SNOMED)
  • Provide mapping cross-walks between coding systems
  • Facilitate knowledgebase curation
  • Mine large data sources and data warehouses